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Every recipe for suicide
questions life, but only some end up
in killing bombs and Dodge Chargers.

Murder is a suicidal act, we kill part
of ourselves, judge another, take
a life, fail to recognize the thing we kill
in ourselves, go on with that flaw
until we see a light.

That is for those who make it past
the suicidal blaze of “glory”—dubbed
terrorist acts by those who deny
the Devil his due.


Boom, the “terrorist” died too, but
we condemn the sick as “evil” or if
illegally, unethically in high office call
them “losers.”

We lose and call it a win, call it Trump
logic, right is left and up is down—
yes this is the world we live in, not
surprising the reader of Samuel’s interaction
with the LORD over whether the people
should have a King.

We should not, or if we do, give the
mantle to God him or herself, but that
takes a backseat to the ramming
Charger, now mowing down a Paris
pedestrian, now in a London concert,
now in Barcelona.  Sick.  Not losers.

Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired,
let’s drop Twinkies not bombs, reach out
and keep our foreign aid robust.

Give all you can, Love your Enemy, and
if confronted with horrible hate, return
it with unmistakable love.


And relax.  It’s worse than you think…

Karma is best served with chicken curry
over rice at your friend’s Pakistani
house by a Filipino maid named Aning.

But we can’t always choose its form, and
while we live through the curse God
promised to Samuel, and which he
relayed to the Jews…

We let the CIA continue its rule.

They murdered Kennedy in 1963,
now they Tweet how great they are,
and shiny balls dance around eclipsing
Truth, convincing many that the past
doesn’t matter.

It’s okay we lied to Native Americans
about their land, stole it from under
them for the gold there or perceived
to be there.

Meanwhile we missed the true gold
that was the native culture and love for land.


It’s okay we had slaves and never made amends
to Africa-descended people.  “It’s too far
back to do anything about it,” so we go on
spending money we don’t have on the next
medicine to be peddled directly to patients
and children on TV.

“Ask your doctor about…”  Well, I’ll ask
them about Karma, see what they say.

I’ll ask them about their own medical
problems, their addictions, their apparent
polytheistic confusion.

“Have no gods before me” didn’t stop
the south from their confederate monuments.

God lets us fail over and over again, so that
perhaps we can go back to Samuel in spirit,
finally say:

“God, we are so very sorry we abandoned you
years ago.  We want you to be our king
after all.”

And God will not listen, as he or she promised
to Samuel.

Because we don’t have to ask; only to accept
that we are not in charge, that our leaders are
human beings, imperfect, and easily-corrupted.

The Warren Commission lies hurt, the inner-cities
reeling, and judging others as “terrorists” does
not address the terrorism going on in your
own heart and mind.

The demons in you need attention if they
are to depart, ask Gandhi or Martin, listen
to Jesus or whoever’s got the hot hand.

Wikipedia convicts Oswald without a trial,
Oswald’s 6th amendment fought for by Lane
and achieved, if anyone willing to read a book.

Hate speech is treasonous; there’s no
amendment for it.

The wife of my youth doesn’t like me,
But I always try to love her, for that is how
the stars bring me peace instead of War at
Christmas time every year.

Ask your doctor about soliciting reviews
and feedback on every business interaction.

Perhaps they will say something I believe:

Money’s my feedback.  If you have mine, good job.

If I ask for it back, you failed.

Ask your doctor about Donald Trump, and
get an answer;

Ask God, and get The answer:

Love him.  Love you.  Love all, and make
God king and doctor once again.