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4th Amendment Flight

10. Enjoy Earth, don’t Burn It to Fly Over It.

9. Be Quiet.  Enjoy Quiet.  Trust Quiet and Peace.

8. Realize Life is as Much about What is Behind us as in Front.  Slow Down.

7. “Earth is the Right Place for Love.”  –Robert Frost

6. “Don’t know where it’s likely to go better…”  –Robert Frost

5. It hurts to fly loud machines, more than it helps.

4. Be nice to your Ears.

3. Don’t risk the addiction of fast, loud flight.  The PTSD.

2. “Earth is the right place for Love.  I’m not sure where it’s likely to go better.”  –Robert Frost, reprised

1. God wants you to slow down.  Listen to a Jack Johnson song.  Fall back in love with yourself and the Earth, the Great Mother.

Stop burning her, making noise, speeding past happiness.