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-by Bill Watkins 5/15/2017


Evolution is alive, but sometimes you cannot tell.

The old, racist, white right wing holds on, because it is “manly” and “strong” to do so.

Women and minorities are “weak;” they must remain in their place.

A black president with a crazy Muslim name must be hated—is certainly the enemy.

Hillary Clinton?  “I do declare, with my southern drawl, Madame: that Hillary Clinton suffers from improper genitalia to properly execute the office of president, or any other.”

So the Republicans sold out their morality to support the immoral, sexist, racist, uneducated self-proclaimed “smart person,” Donald Trump.

Shady Trump.  Hidden Taxes Trump.  Friend of Putin Trump.

Old and white.  Tillerson.  Old and white.  Grassley and McConnell.  Old and white.

Holding on…


The answer is not a stronger left wing.

As a former racist, sexist, alcoholic, white right winger, I can fairly report that two things helped me to evolve into a liberal, open-minded person:

1. Sobriety
2. Love


Love you congressmen and senators, people.  Love them.  Tell them you love them.  Forgive them.  The only thing worse than being abused by racism and sexism might very well be:

To be racist and sexist.