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-by Bill Watkins 4/25/2017

American Exceptionalism1

10.  We were founded on Native blood.

9.  We too often forget God, Great Spirit, and Nature.

8.  Democracy, or “People-Rule,” is a fallacy.  People are not that powerful.

7.  We condoned the sin of Slavery for almost ninety years, and still have not paid for that sin.

6.  We allowed the CIA to kill John F. Kennedy.

5.  We still allow the CIA to carry on who-knows-what with the blank check we give them.

4.  We still push Native America out of their lands with every day we ignore history.

3.  We still mistreat African-Americans, who deserve reparations for what happened to their ancestors.

2.  Philippines.  Korea.  Iran.  Vietnam.  Guatemala.  El Salvador.  Chile.  World War I Propaganda and censorship.  Truman’s two bombs on innocent civilians.

1.  The formal founding of the “Central Intelligence Agency” with cloak and dagger ceremony at the White House in 1947, killing the UN Charter of 1945 and its goal of World Peace.

Founding Fathers -- Native American1

Notes and Hope:

We could be a great Nation.

The day we stop.  Listen to God.  The Native Nations.  The United Nations…