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It’s Time to Pay ALL Our Debts

-by Bill Watkins 4/7/2017

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We owe almost twenty trillion dollars, worldwide.

Worse than that: we owe for our sins.  Wrongs committed in the past.

Wrongs don’t amend themselves by ignoring them.  They don’t suddenly become right with the passing of time.  In fact, they often get worse.

Are the Cherokee people still crying for being kicked off their land?

Does the inner-city black population remember the chains and murder of slavery days?

The days of illegal removal, treaty breaking, slave trading may literally be over, but none of them will ever be forgotten.

Especially when there has been no overt amends made by the United States Government.

Its constitution was ratified on Native American blood.

Its White House was constructed by the whip of slave owners, black people kept like lower animals by a conquering, oppressive ruling class.

The symbol of that oppression occupying the White House today.

The Republican concept of “American Exceptionalism” is laughable in many ways:

1. There is a denial of real American first people. Their rights and land stripped by white invaders who call themselves “American.”

2. We are a slave nation.  Because we outlawed slavery in 1863, does not mean we have fully made amends for our participation in that sin.

3. The Second Amendment is a sad perversion of the Sixth Commandment.  A sad Justification for Murder.

4. We are hypocrites to Host and Claim Membership at the United Nations, which is for Peace-loving nations.

5. We are a war nation, a conquering one, set on overt and covert military domination of the world, especially since the covert CIA was ratified in 1947, two years after the UN was formed for World Peace.

6. CIA killed John F. Kennedy.  Covered it up, and has been in control of the U.S. Government ever since.

And now suspicions swirl around a so-called president, who clearly benefited from a Russian spy operation to help him get elected in 2016.

We are not exceptional, but could be.

You have to go back, make amends for our sins.  Then the present clears, the future can be bright.

Restore Native American rights and land. Obey treaties and contracts made.  Resist the temptation for greed and other evils leading to short term gains, long term pains.

Pay off that near-twenty trillion dollar debt, one year at a time until it is gone.

When free of that yoke, turn to black people, and let us offer a restitution grant to allow an African-descendant to return to his or her land.

To decide with full will, if the United States is where they want to be.