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Developing a Native American
Political Party “Platform”

—by Bill “Naked Horse” Watkins 4/3/2017

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Written the truth fails.

Truth is under words, in trees, under God.

Only by asking God to bless paper and words,
may these words help other souls.



Present yourself and bless these words,
this computer, ink and paper—

may they transmit your truth and will.

We are a hopeless clan of mortal souls,
unable until blessed to achieve
greatness and good.

I ask for a blessing, so that these words may
matter, have meaning and help others.



The truth is now in the words, the paper or screen in front of you with power to help and inspire.

The Native Political Party

Before the white man came, there was a direct relationship between the land and its people, a Great Spirit connecting all with life.

There was no separation.

It was not religion.  Not organized or words on paper.  Great truth and tradition was passed down through the generations, the ancestors lived forever in the spirit, and an eternal cycle between the ground, the sky and people prevailed.

Various white men and women came from across the sea.

Some were very religious, had a great book, and had come to worship freely from it—out of the sharp criticism and oppressive persecution emanating from kings and queens, ruling hard over their original land.

We welcomed these religious people, helped them adapt to living in the land that became “America,” shared in feasts with them.

It was a honeymoon, a merging of culture, and it was good, blessed both by the Great Spirit and the God of the pilgrims’ great book.


Another type of white man came, men in armor, carrying weapons of war, building forts.  Warriors.  Adventurers.

These men were closed and scared, but even they opened to our trade, and were grateful for our help when suffering from our harsh winters.

We fought against their fears and against them.  Weapons were brandished.  People lost their lives in the fear of competition.

It was this group, and their kind who came after them, who mounted war against the original American people—until those people were killed, displaced and moved off the land God had given them.

The great chiefs struggled with the white advance, wondered why a people would leave the land of their fathers, come across an ocean to steal another people’s land.

Often, the white men in armor claimed to believe in the great pilgrim book, but we constantly noticed a difference between their words, stated beliefs, and actions.

An evil wind can affect any person, people, clan or tribe.  Dishonesty, fear, disillusion, and confusion can infect anyone.

We pray for the armored white conqueror and their descendants, that they find peace within themselves.  That they remember their fathers and mothers, originally buried not on our land—but across the sea, in Europe.

The white man and his descendants are welcome here, especially the pilgrims who follow the great book, and who seek fulfillment in living a good life, free to worship in their own way, free to be the people God wants them to be.

The violent conqueror, on the other hand, is an enemy—not to us, but to God.

We only have prayer for those violent people, who suffer from a severe disease called “more,” and who are rarely satisfied.

If there is anything else besides prayer, the action to stand up to the evil in the “conquering” instinct would be written in the pages of Mahatma Gandhi’s book, the one read and utilized by the great justice chief, Martin Luther King Jr.

There is a path back to our inheritance.  But that path is back through the Devil’s own lair.  Greed, gluttony, sloth and pride adorn the gate back to our homes.

Guarding that door are the canons of Andrew Jackson.  The fear of General Custer.  The doctrine of Monroe, the vanity of Jefferson, and greed of the 49er.

They are still there.  They guard the apparent “right to be wrong.”  The “right” to leave the land of one’s father, to steal another’s land.


And for that gate and those guarding it we pray our highest prayers, wish our best thoughts, so that Hope may come to them.

And when hope and thoughts of home come to them, the Great Spirit of this country will fill their hearts.

They will remember their own Celtic cross, the peace of a far off tribe at one with the land of their ancestors.

The World Spirit will remember itself, happy to be remembered.

The Past wakes and becomes a wonderful part of our new and improving Present.

The gate will open, and the people will be once again a part of life’s eternal cycle.


Opening the Gate:

We must work within the white man law, to appeal to its courts for recognition, marks for our peoples’ graves, plaques and historical mapping.

We were and are here.

And we will be heard.  We will fight for our lives, which in concrete and metal is incomplete.  If we must “buy” our own land back, we will save money and buy it.

As for a Party Platform:

1. Paying Our Debts

The first priority of a responsible government is to be clear of all debts.

a. Financial

If we owe 20 trillion dollars, then set up an immediate plan to pay 20 trillion dollars back to our creditors.

b. Moral

If a contract or treaty was made by the U.S. Government, it needs to be upheld.

Any breaking of a treaty or contract by the U.S. Government must be looked at, studied, and if appropriate—amended.

Truth is paramount.  If war or Monroe Doctrine, “Manifest Destiny,” or an insatiable desire for gold and land was at play:

Let us admit the truth.  Yes, we broke a contract for gold, for land.

“We did not trust the native people.  We were afraid to live next to native people.”

We muscled native people out, so that we could set up our modern society, with walls, concrete, metal, sirens and air machines.

Prayer plays into this.  Prayers from the conquered.


Can we think of native people more?  How would that benefit white man’s civilization?

I hereby challenge the native people to take our wisdom, our love for the land, and become missionaries into the white man’s world—as they did to us with their great book.

We must take our views to them, before they destroy our environment.


Black people were brought here against their will in chains, were beaten, and forced to work as slaves for hundreds of years before finally given a level of freedom in Lincoln’s Civil War.

In paying our financial and moral debts, African-descended people must be considered, a stipend or grant for travel back to lands their descendants left unwillingly.

A stipend of $20,000 for travel for each black person would cover some of the punitive damages, while prayer and recognition for lives lost should continue to be invoked with holidays, days or months of reflection.


2. Build Infrastructure

The old days of native isolation and innocence did not require roads.  But native people understand the need to support the mix of society in the United States.

If we are to have roads and bridges, they should be beautiful and functional.

After debt is paid, attention should be paid to building.

***However.  When there is a doubt, to leave nature naked is to give the Great Spirit a direct gift.  The freedom of beasts, people, and vegetation to grow and cycle as God intended is the ultimate blessing.

Not just to God, but to ourselves.

As much as possible, leave God and nature alone.

Take what we need, but no more.

Give thanks to God, and leave resources behind for the next generations.

3. National Security

My father expressed concern recently about a poorly supported military becoming a paper tiger, a soft target, and a poor deterrent to attack from within or abroad.

Lethal weapons are an abomination.

Lethal force is abhorred by God.

Martial artists know the value of 100 percent commitment to physical fitness, sharp eyesight and care—attention to every detail of a ready force for self-defense.

The martial artist knows the pressure points.  Knows how to kill.  Knows the darkest parts of life.

But in knowing the dark, stays in the light.  Weapons and lethal force are never used or paraded around.  The Tao Te Ching:

Weapons are the tools of violence;
all decent men detest them.

Weapons are the tools of fear;
a decent man will avoid them
except in the direst necessity
and, if compelled, will use them
only with the utmost restraint.
Peace is his highest value.
If the peace has been shattered,
how can he be content?
His enemies are not demons,
but human beings like himself.
He doesn’t wish them personal harm.
Nor does he rejoice in victory.
How could he rejoice in victory
and delight in the slaughter of men?

He enters a battle gravely,
with sorrow and with great compassion,
as if he were attending a funeral.


The Chinese is our brother.  Our sister.  The earth our mother.

Great Spirit wants us to be at peace, to live in harmony with nature, to use restraint.

“Thou shalt not kill” from YHWH’s law is stepped on too carelessly by the United States Bill of Rights’ 2nd Amendment.

Self-defense is fine.  But killing is wrong.

An attacker’s heart does not have to STOP BEATING for them to no longer be a threat.

Lethal weapons are for the fearful and weak.  God bless them to be strong and learn to “turn the other cheek,” as the great Nazarene rabbi once said.

The Indian Law of Karma applies as well.  Killing breeds killing, violence violence.

Forgiveness?  Forgiveness yields love, peace and more forgiveness.

And without honesty and honor, the Great Spirit departs our communities, and we are alone with the Devil.

CIA, secrets, covert operations are an abomination, and should end.

United Nations is good.  Native American nations should be admitted as full members.  Only peace-loving nations should be members, and therefore the United Nations should immediately leave the United States.

The United States is not a peace-loving nation.

Its CIA, its covert operations, its murder of JFK, RFK, MLK and John Lennon and locked up “classified” documents is the great evil keeping the United States from following the UN charter of 1945.

Truth must be told.

All killing must cease.

No man or woman is greater or less than another man or woman, under God.

Murder and killing is the ultimate judgment of another human being.

It must stop.

Know the dark, keep the light, may we be ready for attack, but if attacked restrain our actions to restore peace as soon as is possible.

If anyone is hurt in combat, we are to mourn all those lost, the attacker too.

We shall pray most for the attacker, for those sad souls who crashed the planes into the World Trade Towers in 2001—not just their victims.

Imagine the sad, confused life that ended in such a horrible suicide.

May we develop a foreign aid posture, that helps as many people as possible feel good about Life, so that suicide or murder becomes abhorrent to them, not a viable “way out” or option.

We believe that murder and crime has nothing to do with real religion, and that religions should not be grouped together or blamed when crimes happen.

“Terrorism” is a word that divides evil.

Dividing is the way of the devil.

Crime is crime.  Evil is evil.

We are wise to simplify names for this, to deal with each case differently, and to NOT use words that tend to cause prejudice.


Health and religion should stay separate from government affairs, as every single human being have different paths and definitions for those terms.

Government should help with roads, infrastructure, pay off debts, and gather for clever, strong, well-prepared non-lethal national defense.

To know the worst, do the best, is the way of the peaceful warrior.

That tiger is not made of paper, but of God’s truth, power, wisdom and might.


Great Spirit,

Thank you for the words.  We know
they are blessed because we asked you
to bless them.


—Submitted in Hope,

Bill “Naked Horse” Watkins
Former Welsh Conqueror
On Behalf of Native American People
Native American Party
April 3, 2017