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Dividing the Issue of Crime


-by Bill Watkins 3/23/2017

The Devil loves it when we divide on anything.

Confusion is the movie he loves to watch, grabbing a good helping of Hell’s popcorn, pulling up a chair, and cheering at his favorite fiery flat screen.

God just shakes his head from Heaven, knowing He or She put Satan down amongst his Creation to challenge and test us.

God watches the same movie, of course more prudent in diet, snacking moderately on a glorious fruit salad—no cheering, as God does not doubt nor gamble.


Why is the Devil so happy when a reporter or politician calls a murder or mass murder “terrorism,” an “act of terror,” or relates a crime to some “religion” or “religious belief?”

Because a Division has been made.

Instead of fighting crime, poverty, banding together to help all people—words to label human beings as “terrorists” excite the dark lord of confusion, who revels in our judgments.

“Judge others!! Label people!! Character assassinate whole peoples and religions!!” the Devil yells at that flatscreen, popping greasy popcorn greedily down his lava-like trap.