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U.S. “Air Strikes” and “Defense”

-by Bill Watkins 3/23/2017

6th Commandment

Murder is not Defense.  Killing is not defense.

A criminal’s heart does not have to stop beating for them to no longer be a threat.

Non-lethal weapons exist.


Could a government formed on Native American blood, African slavery, and covert assassination ops ever turn around, find its own heart, and cleanse?

“We” are not lost, just as “air strikes against Isis” is really “mass murder of suspected criminals and their families.”

I am not lost.

Found by Alcoholics Anonymous, God, a new awakening to truth and goodness—a chance to live the dreams of youth.

I suspect alcoholism and addiction, total bedevilment of the sad “American” soldier, selling his or her soul with that first “shot” on the firing range.

Trained to murder.

Justifying the murder with the grand Pious Fraud that “these killings will help us win the war on Terror.”

The Devil is full of expressions—Euphemisms to justify insanity, sin and iniquity.

And our perverse U.S. military is sadly under their spells.


Heal, brothers and sisters.

Give back Native land in accordance with the old treaties—broken for gold and greed.

Heal, brothers and sisters!

Pay our debts, both financial and emotional.

Pay the African slave descendent a stipend, a travel grant so that he or she can return to land from which they were brutally, immorally stripped.

Heal, brothers and Sisters!!

Repeal and Replace the Second Amendment, justification for murder. Now.

Heal, brothers and sisters.

Stop killing.

Stop calling murder “self-defense,” “defense,” and “air strikes to defeat terrorism.”

Murder is murder. Killing is killing. Stop.

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