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We should have nothing to do
with conquest.
–Thomas Jefferson

America’s number one crime family
is CIA, the conquest instinct
alive and kicking as the Devil
rocks excited, kicking up dust manifest
towards suffocating destiny.

I love you, don’t get me wrong:

the sinner in me not far from
my steps, I was a drunk high on
alcoholic beverages, C2H5OH
ethyl not Lucy—flammable and
volatile, a first fuel for

Down the hatch, no way to catch—
you had to ask God, Something big
and powerful in prayer.

(But it was so much easier to join
a gang. For me it was almost the
Pasadena Bloods, wearing red putting
hands up against the night. Red
clothes, red SUV—tinted and pretty.
Instant Family!!!)

That’s how the CIA does it as well,
Mafioso-like recruitment in your
lonely hour needing friends.

A “purpose…”

Even if that purpose is evil, it justifies
itself in group therapy and togetherness,
we’re all together in this mess!!!

Raise your glass to lack of tenderness;
it’s “National Security” that will veil
our silliness.

Grown men and women tip-toeing
around spreading lies, propaganda and
reasons foreign leaders must die, so
we can get paid “killing” them, even if
ideas and spirit never die.

The mob and gang mentality is similar
in our highest criminal courts, who
accept at times the misnamed
“cui bono” (who benefits) AS IF FROM


No one wins with murder. Murder is just
murder. A lost spirit. A lost potential.

A lost set of ideas and actions, that perhaps
you do not like now; they oppose you
or your plans to own, or financially gain
or win some short term prize.

But TO MURDER. To Murder a foreign
“leader,” a man or woman from man and
woman like you, a fellow trudger on this
earth, a brother or sister who played in
a sandbox like you did.

Maybe they lacked that opportunity.

We can love, seek to understand over
always being understood; we can open
up and learn another point of view.

Bend or break! The killer, conquering
instinct from Satan not God, no matter
what you call it, from a “business move”
to “national security.”

Evil is evil, killing killing, and killing is never
national or self-defense.