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I do not accept the spoils of
war, got through lying, deceit
and bullying against Native Americans
in this land.

I plan to move East from California
in June, after forty-four years of
unknowing blissful usurpation.

I want to leave room for a native
American person to take my spot,
and to inspire other white people
to follow my lead, and leave this
land into the better, more spiritually-
sound care of native peoples.

We have driven this place into
concrete, metal, smoke and trash.

We drive and fly around making noise,
because deep down, we have no
reverence for land that God gave
not to us, but to the Indigenous people.

I squat on Gabrielino/Tongva land
now. Will soon depart and give up
my illegal hold on their God-given
birthright, move northeast toward

There I will briefly squat with great
gratitude if the Crow Indians allow.

I will check with them before I arrive,
and during my stay—make sure that
I only give and do not offend them
in any way.

To do so is to please God, the Great
Spirit that lives in, under and above
the land we called America.

If God blesses me with life for two
or so years living and working in
the Crow land, I will then say
good-bye to America, and go back to
where I belong, to the United

I will go to bring back Native American
wisdom to other European people.

So many years ago, England, France and
Spain sent explorers out to find gold
and riches.

The wisdom of the native American
people is the greatest gold I ever found
here. It has been here since time began,
since before any records of men or women

I will bring back a love for native land,
seek out the burial places of my
ancestors in Whales and England,
visit other Northern European lands
if remnants of my people are there,
then will plan to settle if God so blesses
me, in the land the LORD God gave to
my people in which to live.

It will become clear in this journey,
I believe, why my ancestors left, but
I hypothesize they left in fear of
unjust monarchs, unjust class structure,
and religious persecution.

Ingratitude and boredom was a sickness,
as well.

We had not yet met the love of Native
Americans, who are an example of how
to live in gratitude for what God gives.

I humbly apologize to Native Americans
for what white people have done to
them and to the land we call

It has become a trash heap, compared
to the glorious natural wonder it
once was—when you, not us, watched
over it in good faith, respect, and love.

May you return to rule it under the Great
Spirit again someday, and may other white
people follow me away as grateful visitors.

Away… home.