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You look at the easy way.

It’s easier. The easy route, please
some people, score some money
do what the last guy did and win
that political seat.

We forget to pause in the workaholic
anti-Tao of perfectionistic
American society, so that we
may be divinely perfect.

Absence of action is needed when
they call for “Death to Plastic
Bags.” The bags, they must
have grown legs and jumped into
the ocean, let’s quick fix it—pass
a law, it will keep me in office,
get me elected next time—

The voice of “green” is hot right now,
go with the first flow you
see on TV, they’re ticked because
plastic bags wrapped around
a pelican’s beak, it’s plastic
blood they seek!

We can act – or we can step back,
and think.

Maybe it isn’t the plastic bags at fault, but
the people young and old
who litter them.

Maybe law and civics should
take precedence and importance
over reading and math at schools,
break to principal’s orders and clean
up the school when litter is found
on the ground—

Teach kids something of value.

Perhaps the U.S. Constitution
should not be on the pedestal it
is on, let’s reinvent—especially
where it age discriminates, asserting
a man’s worth by how many times
the earth has rotated around the sun
while he’s been alive—Age discrimination!

No matter that he’s incompetent, he’s of age.
No matter he’s drunk swerving to the
polls, he’s of age, so let him go, better
than the twelve-year old who knows
everything about the candidates and wants
to help?

Better than the eight year old that wants
to be a part of things, has learned
to read, has a favorite candidate, cares
about his country.

Then there are the ladies, busting loose,
songs can sing it racial freedom growing
faster than the age barrier already mentioned—
police shootings?

That’s about violence not race, don’t
tell me it’s okay to shoot white people
in the torso, no thanks.

Go to non-lethal. Works for European
police, why not ours?

The 2nd Amendment needs serious review,
scratch that repeal. Justification
for every violent sin, a horrible “Right”
written by 18th century racist, violent men
doing the best that they can, but please:

Let’s knock ‘em off that pedestal, for once
and for all.

Kennedy killed by rogue CIA’s, Truman’s
perverted outfit still preaching and
perpetrating Covert and Secret ops like it
was written into that backward constitution,
and so becoming the fourth branch of
government behind our backs,
Cold War serving their payrolls, making them rich—
the blood of the world bowing to their
Capitalist expansion.

Lethal weapons are the Devil; stand by
him and do your evil, God Will Win;

And our country will too, it belongs
to God, the Indians.

I’m not saying we go back, we fought
them and won some fights, the British,
the Spanish, the Mexican War still
being fought—mostly in Los Angeles.

A border wall could go up and should
as long as landscaping, flowers and trees
make it all pretty.

When you accumulate territory, fence it off,
the mansions of Beverly Hills have walls,
why not our country?

Would make Mexico stronger too, they’d
have to look to themselves more, and
Mexican people running from violence,
abuse, drug wars and hell, will have
to hunker down and elect a woman or
child to lead them out of Porfirio Diaz’
European adventure gone bad—the scoundrel
acts politicians repeat over and
over again, we’ll see it as long
as we allow money to buy leadership

My dad is ninety, he and I opposites in
every political way but one: politicians rape
the process, and lack the balls to win
with ideas, scrap it out, trust in ideas,
scrap it out, let media take hold the
ones that care and really work—scrap it out…

Or we can just teach kids it’s okay to litter,
just not plastic bags. And by the way, you
are the future, young people, BUT NOT
our country. Until you are jaded like us, run
for the senate when you’re balls and boobs start
sagging, now you’re ready to really give of the
anger from your failed lives.

Plastic Bags? Shoot Kennedy in the head
and lock up the documents that point
to LBJ, Allen Dulles, Nixon, Bush, and every
coward to ever take the oath of office
on JFK’s blood.

Next to his, the blood of Oswald, the
fallen Patriots John Lennon, Martin
Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy,
all the courageous JFK witnesses snuffed
out by rogue Cold War coverts bent
on putting the fight against Communism
ahead of human life.

God bless us, I forgive us, can you?

My uncle served to the highest navy
level, left his mark, achieved greatness
and could make a nephew feel like
a champ, I salute the Navy
and Army—all the Defenses, not forces,
serving not killing, the effort to
scramble and hustle until you promote
your way up—Yes Sir!

God rid us of the Diabolical side, help
us study the path of non-lethal politics
and policing; forgive us our stepping
in front!

(one thing the forefathers did better
than we; supplication to Higher Power,
they brought not religion into politics,
but God.)

G.ood O.rderly D.irection, Something
under which to be humble, Geocracy
makes more sense that Democracy,
allow me to define:

Where God, Earth and People rule, not
just “people,” an impossibility during
an earthquake or hurricane, we are not

Nascar knows it, keeps Sunday as Sabbath,
we’d all be wise to keep a day of the week
to pray.

Knock off those parking meters for that day
and watch Karma rise, the City of L.A.
become more than a bastion
of civil war and illegal aliens, but one day
of Angels.

The wall to our South might help with
that. Plastic bags are a great product,
reinstate them.

And teach our kids, in public schools,
private schools, all schools:

Not to litter.

Get a non-lethal force to help our sick,
violent killing team; relieve them, keep
a handful of SWAT like London does in case
the wheels come off, but stop
patrolling US like WE are the ENEMY.

You are, getting your first holster at
the police academy. Being yelled at
by a drill sergeant, learning to detach,
not to care, and to toughen up;

No thanks, we need caring, not killing;
Love, not the Easy path that is Hitting Back,
getting mad, and delivering mad’s
punch, as if the world needs another death,

Osama Bin Laden not a god—just another
man killed by stupidity and expensive political

Plastic bags and beer ads—
you ban a bag before those ads?

Cigarettes are no good for TV and radio after
1970 but alcohol is? A flammable,
volatile, toxic substance for “drinking?”

Jesus. I love you, America, this has been
a test, this is only
a test, then a dream, then I’ll
wear the right shirt at the market that
says, “I don’t give a shit about plastic bags.”