There’s no quick turn-around;

A backdoor, when and where it all comes together
unless by prayer or high
action you find yourself breathing
in the beach breeze against sun,

the day arrived, the day we decided to
die, live, make love—fun.

The “high school” graduate yells “shit”
from his balcony, can’t put sentences together,
and if he has a vocabulary, he hides
it underneath his marijuana bhang,
pride and fear that he’s uncool clouding
every chance light has to enter his
soul until that jump…

Peace is still rainbowesque;
catapulting still off and through
Argentine waterfalls on that border
with Brazil.

Paraguay hopes like me to be
better than it is, some day…

We need further study. Diplomas
less given, and more asked for in return
for them.

Law—the bastard subject next to
Civics, as lost as an Alien on his
way through my TV on the History2
channel (I refuse to call it history)—

is not taught, and so why expect it
to be respected and obeyed?

Morality lost with every “victory” for
Free Speech over God, morality
and religion, the atheists gaining
clout with funny tweets and 16-dollar
a month HBO shows, Bill Maher,
smart and funny but at times under
his own bhang of frilly bling blang,
guests and the mess that is

a scientific “fact…”

Read Borges and see facts becoming fictions,
examine your soul and see the glory
of God within those peaceful moments,
away from the vulgarity of neighbors
lacking effort and linguistic courtesy,
away from personal firework use
and alcohol ads to alcoholics, teens
and pregnant mothers—

Love life, accept death as rebirth and
good ideas as eternal, and know why
you survived until now to spread
the message of Good language
trying at truth, failing miserably,
but trying hard anyway to seek
Peace of Mind, and hence Heaven,

John Wooden’s success and mine
the end of mess and time, facts
and rhymes—

the song only of science sung
silently, sublime.

Exodus—Genesis, moving out
Marley’s people, Jah love, peace

the waterfall under which we
finally marry the wives of our youth, tell
the truth with words we’re “given,”
and close our eyes