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Waves crash, suns fall down,
when really—

It is Earth that moves.

It’s all relative, the first crushy feelings
grab some at five, some at ten,
some feel stunted and
don’t trust love…

So how on God’s Green is it to
be expressed?

First crush, first love, first
Wife—Proverbs said to after that
relationship look. Take care, it
is a blessed thing,

And if it should happen that a
child in your care is crushed,
lift them up, open them up,

And welcome the love out—

Even if you never got that chance

Pay forward gifts you never got?

Powerful it is to let go our pain,
ease in morning, catch the light
playing with rain and clouds again,

The rainbow not unlike those
prime feelings.

Suffering ceases, a thought of peace;

To be with her or him—it!!

First crush—Love, surrender!!

First love, find it within, give it
still, even if over hills and seeming
so far away…

And whatever you do, if moments
continue to pass, that wave overhead
and for today out of reach:

Pass along what you have to teach,
encourage the young to be honest,
loving, and to marry from their souls.

Else our lives ring incomplete, Longfellow
had something there;

Standing in these cowardly walls, lacking rhyme.

We look ahead, call her bad—the first,
because we were bad, unwilling, unable.

Go back, and say hello, if this is so:

First crush, we all know…