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Christian Subversive

I am not mainstream. I used
to be, gobbled up what you see,
a bank there, a school here;

Some day that school will feed
my 9 to 5 lack of beard.

Then I got sober…

Mainstream must be Jesus’
wide path to destruction, where
sadly, many are heading…

I am not this, not that, I still
get money from Mom and Dad—
only fair perhaps, because my
bright childhood flame
was doused with bourbon and water,
on Dad’s lap I sold my soul
to fire—

The Devil a rainbow sold
in the gold of clinking glasses, a blast from
the stinking past is… what it is:

God grant us peace, as we go from
here to do your bidding, I’m not
kidding I started a ministry when homeless
try that on for winning.

Peace, truth, the universal me and you;

God give us all and nothing less
The wisdom to know we don’t know;
the Power to give it away to you
so that we may enjoy our days
worry free, that weight off backs
no more.

I’m off the mainstream now,
A Christian subversive spouting
revolution because the status quo
doesn’t work for me.

Give kids the vote, America, disarm
Police men and women, Thou
Shalt Not Kill is still a commandment
to adhere to guys and gals, there’s
no amendment to it that says
“Justified homicide” or “in-policy”

Ahh! Don’t look at me for punishment,
look at Raskolnikov, the Devil hiding
God in your heart leaving you
to suffer when doing wrong, you run—

You cannot escape your punishment
as long as guilt still dines on the guts
of regret.

You will die yet; or choose eternal life,
come with me down the true path,
the hard but truth test, the no need
for bullet proof vest got a cross
on my chest, back and forth in
and out redress of past wounds in frilly
dresses, yes, and I’m:

A revolutionary without a gun,
call me Bill in print or cursive:

Call me Christian subversive.