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Conspiracy Fact

The Devil wants everybody dead,
instilled the fear to kill first in
many, and revels in your secret
society, the darker—the more robes
and chanting, the better.

Give the Devil, fear, an inch and
he’ll take ten miles, let that
cat of its bag—watch it run amuck
all over this planet, Truman named
it the CIA.

God bless information, and defending
borders—I always said our borders
are like a front door. “Knock, knock”
then “Who is it?” And if they be friend
open up, let them pass, God bless them
and you for the welcome mat.

If you sense evil or violence at your
door, who do you call?

The temptation is for fighting fire
with fire, pre-emptive strikes—use force.

But I’ve seen more done with prayer,
ministry and love, than fear’s hate,
“hatred leads to suffering,” Yoda reminded,

So the game is still “good” and “evil,” still
the same deal; growing up you just realize
the fallibility of every human being—

And every human gathering, social group,
political organization, government!!

All fallible, all faulty, all capable of good
and bad.

I used to think such a large group of people
in space called the United States of America
and its government must be right!!

Um… not so much. We are like any
other nation.

The wisest nation realizes this, and looks
to Higher Power still, for guidance and

The Ten Commandments STILL are good;
Killing and bearing false witness against
thy neighbor STILL bad!!!

Crimes are punished not principally
and most importantly by us, but by
God, conscience, karma, dharma,

And if you step back as Lao Tsu suggests,
you will enjoy this world more—

Knowing we cannot change it.

This was supposed to be about
John F. Kennedy and his murder—
those who committed it still “running”
our country.

I am running after them, not to
murder back, but to minister, to shine
a light, fall in love again with truth,
and take them with me to Betty Ford
and beyond where I’ve been lucky enough
to go.

To share my spiritual awakening with fear
itself: Skull and Bones not knowing it’s
evil, just waiting for a better idea.

Truman’s covert getting caught, and Cuba
being freed, I love my right wing southern
white drawlers, who grew up shooting guns
and fighting because that’s what Daddy did.

He also went to church, Dad did, and good
fought with evil—faith with fear—in him as well.

I don’t know if he won or lost there, but
you could win by putting your gun down,
and if the fighting continues you’ll have to
take one on the cheek as Jesus taught, then
give your other cheek.

Watch the fear run for the hills, when you
embrace pain as part of all things, a path to

Lies abound, and that’s a conspiracy fact,
so many lies supporting the business of government
that it seems impossible to go back and mend
our broken fences, like JFK.

So the Justice Department keeps lying, supporting
the Coup of 1963, for the truth is too scary,
could “mean my job;” I’m just hanging on here
to life, isn’t that enough?

God wants our truth, you do too, and your awakening
awaits the moment you let the guard down,
let them enter your house (say a prayer first),
recall something good in your life, like youth.

Perhaps you missed it, I have drank it away,
but it’s never too late.

Dallas Police, Justice Department, FBI, CIA,
Johnson, Nixon, and the Bush family God
Bless You…

Tell the truth, and be set free.

Yale’s youth, bewitched in dark roomed
cliques, God bless you…

Tell the truth, and be set free.

U.S. Armed Forces stand down, and
wait for commands from New York;
there’s a World Peace outlet at work