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You wanna be a model? Model
after this:

Work hard, come up from humble
origins and be willing.

Being tall can help, I won’t lie
but Petra almost died.

She did not perish, she held on,
she held on tight to a tree
all night, survived a great and
horrible storm, the tsunami wrecking
turning life upside down.

Broken bones, a pelvis shattered,
clothes torn and gone, a fiancé
gone, life upside down!

But she hung on, she held on to
be a model, to be alive, to show
others how to live, to give back—

To LIVE!!!

In case you are ever down, there are
lots of recourses, things to do, to
turn your life back around—get things
like after a horrible storm, right side up…

Make one of them Petra, the thought of
Petra fighting right, correct against wrong
she would not die, because of the tree
that God gave, and the earnest love she
had and has for life.

Think of Petra