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Up away, high in the sky
they fly—law dragons protecting
the way we think and do,
Hoping we do not die.

Pete is one, has three heads and
breathes fire; Gretel is the other,
female, orange, fiery herself,
but while Pete in blue swoops in

Gretel thinks, the two a team
against wrongdoing, illuminating
law so children know how to live
a long time—

Pete likes to rhyme!! Gretel too,
and this was what they hoped
to say to you:

“Obey the law, children, wear your
helmet when you ride. Hitting, pushing,
poking, stabbing and shooting will
not go, and’ll get you put in jail!!

“In jail you dream alone, with so
little space to roam. I think you’d
rather be at home. So wear that helmet
if you ride a bike, scooter, roller blade
or anything with wheels on streets
or sidewalks.

“Never write on walls or desks or things
that do not belong to you. Do not
paint on things that aren’t yours.
Never steal. Taking something that is
not yours will take from your soul;
what’s worse it leads to jail, we already
said. You’ll wish you were dead!!

“And that’s why we’re here, to push and
remind you not to die, not to live selfishly.
Do not hurt others, and if someone hurts
you: We are sorry about that, but
DO NOT hurt back. Report the incident,
stay safe from harm, let the police or teachers
or parents help, be patient, and someone will
come who cares like us!!

“Last, children, as we are flying around
up here, could you do two more things
for us? Read the law as you learn to read,
teach your parents if they don’t know them
all, like the one about fireworks—some
communities allow them, some don’t, which is
yours? Obey!! Those adult drinks
with alcohol in them? Do not touch them!!!
Smoking? Inhaling smoke into your lungs?
Firemen and women must risk this danger
to save our lives, but you and I? NO!!!

“Finally, kids, have fun—one day at a time!!
Stay in touch with us and law, and you’ll
be sure to stay in line.

“Give as much as you can within the rules,
and say ‘NO’ to committing crimes even
with friends you think are cool. Walk
away… And if some day you think there is
a bad law—DON’T BREAK IT,

CHANGE IT!! Become a part of this
country, give your song a voice, tell
people how you feel. Law protects
our rights to love, joy and peace, so
wait your turn, raise your hand and be

“You’ll be happy if you do, like us
dragons, free to be anything we want
to be… except….”

Except when your freedom
hurts others. Obey the law, kids!!