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When the moment comes,
time to be alone—grab it, go away,
believe in the path to shine.

The party goes left or it goes right,
you walk alone, you did all right,
I think if a dog oh what a bone for you!

Something in the way the wind
moves when summer fades to
fall’s will, we have a peace that
exists, even where people say

We are seasonless!

I love to consider the lines, waves
of truth, a true curve, the wave that
pounds upon the California Cove, “socal”
we call it Malibu!

I learned to surf there it will not be
changed, but as we grow older the rocks
they fade too, not summer to fall

but like winter creeping up, walls rolling
falling over blue turning white the fish
it jumps we have a reason to Fight!

I can’t say it better, but years from now
we’ll sea.