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Ballads of Spring

All these songs, in love—yes!
It’s good. Young love, the power,
the potential…

I wouldn’t know I was drunk.

But I remember what I wanted,
and humbly hope you’ll get it, if
you are young enough to waver
between the waves of right and wrong,
law and breaking it.

If you think it may be no big deal
to fail, you run with the “cool” ones
(who are often sick), escape the truth,
those true feelings of wanting to
be with her.

Your life is incomplete, wading in
this wall of rhyme, Longfellow
reminding us: be a poet in the
strife, if not at least:

Be true, and live a really good

If alone you try at this you will
fail utterly if you be like me:

You need a Higher Power now;
grab one even if only fifteen