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“Smile Forever”

Things will happen,
good and bad times, but
the day is long enough for both.

I love the wind, change—
the softness of days free of
doubt or worry.

God is spoken of in church
and I see nature’s beautiful
sky and horizon,

I think we’re all here for
a pretty good reason.
Things come together,

Seem made for each other,
dreams and waking time

I’m so glad to have another
day to think and write
and draw and pray.

Somewhere others are sighing,
writing and reading,
reciting or singing

And I think I hear them,
because I’m smiling now
despite hard times;

My day is long I let in the
tough, it passes and like
waves returns to the sea.

Sometimes I could swear
God has made this world
just for me…

So I could smile forever

“Just Today”

There are no others
Some dream of futures,
Daughters, sons, brothers—

That’s okay to dream
Keep it that and Never
Drift long in worry…

Pray it away, like the sun
That sets on a glorious Day!

Dream, Pray, Tell Worry
Of things to come to
go, like the sun, away

So the Stars can shine,

Clean the Sky, Get Ready….

Another Day.


“The Starfish of the Sea”

They call me… the Starfish of the Sea

Some days, Whole days I sit at the bottom
of the ocean.
I rise with the tide, I’m not sure—

It’s the Motion

I’d say I was tall… Wide
Something to describe what I
am inside without all the Emotion.

But I can’t; I guess I’m wishy-washy
full of wishes, dreams and horse pucky.

I’d sing a song if I had one
But instead wait to be fed by ocean’s bottom—
We’re not unlike the tide itself, up and
down MOTION—

Full of emotion. Starfish cry, too,
my tears like a bucket in drops of rain,
one two three;

Saltwater the answer to prayers,
Sayers saying too much until

Bright, enlightened by the Sun
and God they say something


I’m a song in an ocean…
Not very dateable!

I’d love to cough and get your attention…

Can u really run from the tide,
the day on your beach I with you

Smile… It’s a pretty picture (Snap!)

On your beach I’d love to teach
Even if dried out my heart Stops its beat,

I sing and brighten beaches all the same…

I shine eternally in Sunshine or Rain.

I’m the Starfish of the Sea;
They call me that ‘cause I’m pretty
and deep and not enough people
can see me.

I’m done with my song, now—I have to go back;
to the deep blue sea… see? It’s my
mom and dad they want to see me like
yours you…

Family are those who do the will of God.

Remember that.

“The Fruits of Hard Labor”

When the day is done
you like to look back and think you did
something, something good.

Whether for others, yourself, your
house, your mom, your dad?

I dusted, I shot a basket, we won
the game, we lost the game
but tried hard… and you
know what? We are improving…

I traded with my friend, I talked
with my friends about my
teacher at recess, I ate the
food my parents made for me,
I think my teacher is nice—

So far so good, maybe life
is just living the best day you can
live…. Believe and work hard,

Then when you look back you see
a building, not of bricks only
but of friendships and creativity.