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So close to fear, sadness is,
“False Evidence Appearing Real” you think
all is wrong—

The only thing wrong is that you are living two
or three days at a time.

Forget tomorrow, live today, write it down,
your schedule a goal, we may only get one more
day so live it fun and free…

Put sleep at the end of it.

Write it down, SLEEP, earn it by doing a few
things, beware the activities that hurt it like
drinking toxins or treating the opposite sex

Stealing, breaking the law, it goes against
contented sleep don’t do it!!

Caring blooms and prospers when you strip,
alow people in, love the revolution begun by
God herself—

A concept of revolving, going back as much as
forwards, wildfire spreading at sounds by lips
“I love You” whispered by breeze, heard
like never before up and downstream the Nile
of human betterment.

Manic depression, a frustrating mess until
you categorize everything, believe in all feelings
and accept them all as part the piano, part of
your day…

This is it!! There is no other day. Meds and Docs,
trying to figure it out against gales out to destroy;
leave white coats for the rich, come with me, be
poor, blessed, and rise.

Wake up, do some stuff—go back to sleep.

Wake up, do some stuff—go back to sleep.

Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat,

This is the life we’ve been given, dance
on it, it’s neat