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First Date

There’s a first for everything;
mine snuck up on me. I didn’t know it
was my first ever date until years after.

Why look back?

Some wonder, I’m sure. Some are content,
happy in now and either don’t need yesterday
or prefer not to look at it—

I love the past, in it are gaps; I fill them up
one at a time, like rhymes the nursery rhyme
crawling up and down the chimney—on time.

Dashing through the snow, she asked me about
the divorce. My parents apart, it seemed right
for her to comment. I was already closed up
by then.

First date, I was twelve, she thirteen, she was cute
her name Jen. What a sport, it all was possible
when my friend called said it’d be a double-
date, and by the way:

“Jen wants to go ‘just as friends.’”

Why for years I didn’t count it a date. But now
years have gone by and I’m so proud it was her,
lucky I was chosen, blessed.

Thank you, Jen, if you’re out there.

The happiness of first anythings is important
to me, the investment is made I hope God
to her much happiness brings!!

First date, a perfect couple of discomfort,
a bridge built, a harmony by me rejected,
prior to puberty and unable to see I could
not dance the dance and be the person
I wanted to be. So I write this against the
wind, looking for a pleasant breeze

First date