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Despite the pain, the gruff
tough, the truth hard to bear…

Despite the mire, the funeral pyre,
the sick of this and that, the
sick and tired…

Love finishes days with its coat
of solace, its day remembered, its
peace of mind, the rainbow after rain,
swept skies alive with stars

Santa Barbara winds keeping maintenance
men and women busy, surfers happy,
the golden sun an anthem of peace
greeting the patient every day.

God is this, is in this, Good Orderly
Direction or Higher Power, guiding us
softly, abruptly always truthfully into
new things and change.

The key to life is not in words, ask
Borges or Lao Tsu; you could ask me
by now, I like to kick it with Longfellow
some calm nights and remember when
the day is done.

Build your dreams a day at a time, Frost
beating sharp drums against night,
tools of the trade, outdoors a game…

Best played by those in love with
nature, man and womankind alike,
the sun becoming shade, the crucifixion
in light, the end beginning

The upstream fight