No hope it’s lost, I’m powerless
the end of ends—

the great beginning.

We have nothing, no real power,
hopeless indeed we are powerless against
the storm, the future, events, results.

We try our best and rest, we kick our
feet up knowing we left it all on the
court as the athletes say.

I used to be one of them, I tried it all
before settling on verse and words, this thing
we get a grip on falls through our hands…

We have nothing, it comes back to Step One
if alcoholic, the first three commandments all
point up at Power.

three steps, into the light, we can
do this first one perfect they told me
everything will be all right.

Perfect adherence, on we go to this sober
dance; confusion behind us, God above
Longfellow words with Borges singing truth,
Lao Tsu all of us knowing words fail but

So it goes with every move we make, up down,
left right. We know we have nothing, can do
nothing to change the world—whoops!

The world it changes; we claim our steak,
the world is in my mind at times, for that
we dream and sleep

Perfect powerlessness leading to power

The Yin and Yang guys were right, it’s
a bobbing up and down proposition,
this life!!

When it bobs it might bob left, for that
I wait, “labor and wait” said Longfellow,
I think he was right