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Don’t do, think, step back,
go for the best, for the enemy of the best
is a pretty good move.

Then see your error, your best move failed
this can’t be fair.

God’s weaving a masterpiece, a poem
for all ages,

The Devil beating a steady beat,
calling men and women to destroy
and be destroyed.

Confusion, the Devil’s game, rampant
in and out of doors as God provides
the steady, disciplined path of humble
supplication and joyful receipt.

The Devil picks holes in easy games and
lines of communication, convinces some
they don’t need Higher Power just themselves.

A “lower power” beckons strongly from those
drumbeats, we are lambs to its slaughter


Unless we turn around, notice every day the
kit of tools given to us to relate with the One
and his or her divine plan, that poem
magnificently weaved and being weaved.

Check this out before checkmated, dive off
cliffs, rev up engines, speed down highways
listening to the beat.

You feel high beating the system until it all
collapses ‘round the telephone pole, fire ablaze,
bombs exploding you forgot to pray.

The best move: utter submission…

Then, then come strong knowing what’s in
charge, the game reverses, we’ve got a chance
not to win but at something greater:

Peace of mind that we played it the right way.

We can sleep on that soundness. That’s a win
to Devil’s chagrin we beat the beat and’ll have
to probably do it again