by Bill Watkins 8/26/2020

There’s a separation between different things, a space in the dictionary between words. But over time, words blend, concepts blur, and when money’s on the line:

Monopoly is still the name of the game.

Band-Aid rules the bandage business because its name became somehow synonymous with… “bandages.”  Windex rules window cleaning because its name broke into our brains to exemplify and become… “window cleaner.”

Enter Western medicine.  Modern “science,” hospitals, sterility, blood collection and microscopes.  White coats, big bills—but hey, that’s what insurance is supposed to cover, so dial “911!!!”  Drugs, drugs, drugs… backed up by degrees, PhD’s, MD’s, big money colleges doling out diplomas sure to shine on walls.

If anyone were to doubt the authority of the great doctor and his or her decision, one can point to the degrees, the diplomas shining on walls, the PhD’s, MD’s and big money colleges doling out not just paper, but… Authority.  “They’re right because they’re doctors,” “They’re the experts,” and other such appeals are justified by education in Science with a capital S, the kind that can be extremely lucrative if everybody is convinced of the facts you in a white coat spew.

But what is health?  Are health and Western medicine the same thing?  Where’s the separation?  To governments like the United States, and the politicians that serve it:  there is no separation.  Western medicine is health, and public money supports it like Mom shouting out, “Don’t forget to get some Band-Aids at the market.”

“And some Windex, too!”

Departments of Health across the modern world are buying in to the fancy diplomas on the walls, convinced of their “experts.”  God, spirituality and religion is today’s hoax, being pushed farther and farther to the scrap heap with each passing day.  Samuel asked for a human king, national presidents are deified next to doctors, and suddenly a new virus appears out of Asia as a test to this seemingly grand, expert-filled version of health dissemination.

Except modern medical tools do not include faith.  Faith in God, faith in our God-given bodies, faith in nature to heal us, faith in Love, faith in togetherness, faith in Sobriety—in living positive, bold and balanced days, one day at a time with gratitude and gusto!  “If God is for us, who can be against us?” St. Paul pondered in a letter to the Romans.  What can be against us?  A virus?  Is a virus more powerful than God—a being for most the Creator of all things, including viruses?

Not for me.  Not for Christian Scientists.  Not for people who believe in their own immune systems over a paper mask.

Panic is afoot!  A sad time for people with faith, observing all the fear, hoping God can intervene, restore sanity, bring peace…  Western medicine is not health.  It’s just one brand of it, like Band-Aid is a brand of bandages, and Windex a popular brand of window cleaner.  There are other ones, cheaper ones, ones that work as well—ones that might even be better.

I have one Doctor I call God, and I don’t seek out crammed, over-air-conditioned doctors’ offices that overcharge me to take blood out of my body, tell me what’s wrong and offer themselves up as the great cure.  I abstain from drugs, the street kind and doctor kind alike.  The world is well-made, I am well-made, and sober I set out to live a loving, balanced, incredible day, after which I plan to thank God and descend into contented sleep.

Peace of mind awaits the truly healthy, one day at a time.  Have your Western medicine, if that’s your path…  But stop selling it to me, as if it were the only one to health.  At least do me the courtesy of defining the word “health” for yourself!  I’ll put it next to mine, and we can both admit health is personal, something from which governments across the world should stay away—as most healthy ones do with religion.

The irony.  Religion and faith is my path to health…