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Fictions the moment we write,
words changing what is at least
a little.

Occasionally we come close to
the mark, a smile catching us off
guard, songs…

We say an unexpected thing, and
someone laughs, call out evil,

Devil!  I see you, get thee behind.
Police guns, lives on the run, clichés
doing, doing

Over and over again the tempted
tempt placing tents on walkways,
calling it

all “Homeless,” so off we go in our
suits and SUV’s writing checks,

Hah!  Try to get a camper camping
for free under stars to go into your
Section 8,

Isn’t it great, God relieve us of the
bondage of self, ignorance never bliss

God grant our words Truth, grant our
minds hope, give this song value,
moving pieces,

Games of Chess.

E=mc2 because Einstein was blessed,
we crack a theory, return to earth,
get undressed.  Finish… Eternal
never calls out “Next!!!!!”

We place the cards where boys and
girls can follow then rest