Heil, Trump! Does That Mean
He’s Leaving?

-by Bill Watkins 8/2/2017

Trump Liberty

Stephen Miller trumped out his boss’s view of immigration today.

It reminded me of Schindler’s List.  I apologize, but I get a lot of my news and history through movies, what can I say I’m from Los Angeles.

“Skilled workers” got to live at the concentration camps, while artists and teachers were killed.

“People are people,” all valuable in some way, under God—is not a value of Donald Trump.


Mercy, love, understanding and compassion are not high on Trump’s list.

Ironic, in that Donald Trump is totally unqualified to be in political office—himself a great example of an unskilled worker.

I would make Trump the poster of change, of a needed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to add some job requirements for public office.

Now, we age discriminate, saying that thirty-five years of age somehow makes someone wise enough to be President, then of course, they cannot offer service to our country if they were born in another one.

We need a requirement like:

1. Must have served at least two years in Politics, public service, foreign service.


Trump: you are an unskilled worker at your current job.  Go back to Germany.