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Gossip, CIA Propaganda, and
JFK Innuendo Debunked

-by Bill Watkins 5/2/2017

JFK Flag

I dare you to google the gossipy line:

“JFK womanizer”

A disgusting act, to engage in gossip, but I did this google search recently in search of truth, facts, or proof regarding a longstanding Rumor about our 35th president.

You go through the list of articles, many of them written in 2013 in time for google searches pertaining to the fifty-year anniversary of his brutal murder by CIA.

National Geographic is not a surprise, a willing branch of CIA when you look at their TV shows supporting the doggish Oswald sham.

The Atlantic, Business Insider and UK’s gossipy Daily Mail all have posted gossip propaganda pieces, claiming JFK’s infidelity.  No proof, no evidence.

Just shameless gossip to support CIA’ cover-up for their brutal murder of America’s peace-loving 35th president.

Google something else to find a light at the end of the gossip tunnel:

“JFK Marilyn Monroe Myth”

BuzzFeed comes through with a myth-busting debunker, one filled with rational writing, pertinent photos and common sense.

If you really want to debunk JFK history, observe his death, what happened afterward—the CIA cover-up led by the JFK-fired Allen Dulles, and peruse or listen to any gossipy JFK claims through a more enlightened lens, smart to CIA lies.

The propensity to push defamatory fiction inherent in CIA covert ops, the world’s most diabolical meddlers and secret crime family, fits very well with “rat-fucking” the president they killed to propagate Vietnam and arms deals.

CIA’s own Howard Hunt admitted to a courtroom in 1985 that he manufactured documents to blame Kennedy for killing a Vietnamese president. (Hunt v. Liberty Lobby, Miami 1985)

Don’t get rat-fucked, America.

Check for facts, before defaming an American president, father, and husband.