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–by Bill Watkins 3/14/2017

Addiction Cycle

I have about a week of total abstinence from sports.

Some are laughing. Think this is funny, like passing out on alcohol or drugs on a Friday night.

I thought a lot of things were funny, that turned out to be life-threatening. Lost friends to alcoholism and drug addiction.

And sports?

It’s hard to find the words for wasted time. Time and energy spent trying to “beat” others, “defeat” others, and deceive others.

In most sports, Deception is a key element. A key thing learned and taught to gain advantage over other people, other teams or players.

At forty-four years of age, only a week abstinent from any sports involvement, I can report several problems with my past sports playing, coaching and supporting:

1. Unwanted Visions/Dreams/Nightmares

Volleyballs flying, tennis court visions, making plays—all irrelevant to my current life, and unwanted.

2. Physical injuries

I have a bad shoulder, knee from sports playing.

3. Alienation of Loved Ones

While my family of origin are addicts like me, my wife used to feel left out and puzzled by my sports obsession.

She used to comment, once while I watched the Olympics day and night on TV that she felt clearly that I was “addicted.”


I hope my unwanted sports visions will go away over time.

I think of the John Nash story, and of his walking away from unwanted visions and hallucinations, one day at a time.

I declare total abstinence from Sports today.

Join me, call me and reach out. Let’s walk away from the violence of sports to help others find blankets and a home tonight.

—Bill Watkins, Sports Addict