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We do not try to do harm.

We read half a book, “get saved—”

Are excited about a new faith,
and express what we know, however

We read a Bible, an Old and new
testament—combine Jewish and
Christian ideas until sometimes a
confusion results.

We lose LORD when we write

LORD from YHWH, not to be
used in vain.

The big One, the Creator, the
true name.

So do not lessen it more than it
has been lessened going from
vowel-less to vowel-containing.

Do not “change” it like Jesus’
water to wine, because Jesus
did not come to eradicate the
ten commandments—nor the
Entity that inspired them.

Keep the LORD.

Write for, dance and Sing LORD
in prayer—celebrate the name with
fervor and exaltation!!

And pray the prayer Jesus gave us
to connect with LORD, with the

Lord Jesus, helping us connect
with love and LORD.

With YHWH.

With truth.