Lips talk, smooth the
pulse of asking and answering—
the song of not knowing but trying.

We hide not, but expose our
last secret because we are tired
of tired.

You wake up from the lies and
stand sexy and true—because

Truth is sexy, is the beginning to
all things, creation needing lips
to part and truth to be told—

Let it out, and be shy if shy,
outgoing if outgoing, just
be yourself and never shy from that.

You are beautiful, in most ways—

And let it out now, the car ditched,
engage the soldier on his walk
and smile.

His gun dropped, disarmed we all
ready our dreams for realization

Knowing songs sung make
the journal worth the purchase.

Travel out, use your five senses
and with your sixth—

Write a poem.

Lift us up now, write, think—
and give.

Someone may need you, or to
know it’s okay—

Don’t be Cool, be True—and be okay,

so when the others act bad
and call you to their flammable

Say no and be unique—

The one not at the party but in
the mind expressing truth so the world
with you can truly think.

I am therefore I think.

Duty, love. Stop. Go;

I love you, always but only
when sober, love…

Only when sober. See the One
God, be you, fear not!

Only when sober.
Only then, dear—not before or after.

Pick nice over cool, and let’s
make the narrow road to heaven
wider, a step at a time wider,

twelve steps on a dime, be a writer.

Sing, dance, be a singer—a whatever
that is truly you, her. Be…