I had to kill him because he had a gun.

Did you?

What if you used a non-lethal weapon
to disable him?

Could that perpetrator do any harm
from the ground, where they lie
writhing in pain?

“I had to kill.”

“I had to point my gun into their
torso, and fire a bullet.”

I disagree, and so does Science if
your goal is to stop a killer from killing.

You would claim that their heart must
STOP.  I claim not.

Can an unconscious person kill?

As a scientist, man—this is not
even “thou shalt not kill,” this is
a question of physics not religion—

So put your heart into your answer,
stop for a moment your longstanding
justification for murder.

No, an unconscious person cannot kill.

Is it right to Kill a killer?  It is wrong to
kill, but wait.  We get to kill someone,
don’t we boss?

If you want a nice community:  no.

If you want to be on level with society—

“But what about the gang bangers?  The
crooks, the crazies going for suicide-by-cop?”

Duck, get the heck behind a wall, and wait it out.
If you have the range to use your
non-lethal arsenal—use it.  If not, be cool,
and take cover.

Two wrongs will never make a right.

It is wrong to kill—that violent criminal,
waving and shooting a gun… Wrong!!!

But it is even more wrong to stand on
a pedestal with your healthy attitude,
and spit down to wipe that Wrong person
off the face of the Earth.

Stop playing God, serve others and
Enforce LAW, Mr. and Mrs. Police

You can go from a Scary to “Helpful” group.

You can stop justifying wrong and
Scientifically poor statements like
“I had to kill him, he had a gun.”

Just drop ‘em, or wait
‘em out, save a soul—theirs, yours,
let’s convert some crooks to
citizens today.  Love our fellow
man or woman—especially when they
need love the most!!!

Put down our arms, Risk injury
and join the right side of the fight—

Never kill and do right.