What’a you do when it’s gone,
the moment closed but so full.

You remember back it explodes,
“Fighting Temptations” at a theater
knocked down.

Friends passed on, the rhythm and
beat moving on tryin’ to be a
spirit not a ghost in the middle of
open ocean, cinema grabbing me
pulling me back to a poem wrote under
the moonlight.

The sounds, color and light blend
in outline’s delight, thinkin’ back’s
forward thinking when you take
out lying put in sweet truth.

Crying with Evita, hot dogs in Newport
Beach, falling asleep on the road
barely worth it a privilege getting old
Star Wars at five you fought to get inside,
Superman and Gandhi with a friend’s mom,

Life the bomb, Indian Jones and the Temple
of memory, stepping backwards to
Twilight Zone medleys, Talking Tina
getting ready for the Price is Right
No Whammies—Big Bucks!!

All my children in the daytime, Dallas
at night, can’t even see myself or this
alcohol fight, why’d I die? Smoked pot
enough to regret the soft saying
“I love you” never said, the wasted
dreams digging holes in holes by
the side of the fence, too drunk to
climb, too drunk to climb—

I find, friends aren’t your friends
unless you partner on something
good. Just running from bad?

Not enough, we must re-make
ourselves, re-invent, move on with
or without the old element,
say good-bye.

I’m coming back even if the theater
isn’t, I did not die.

Top Gun, Saving Private Ryan,
Contact One Fine Day, movies with
parents mean more, friends and
milk duds, first dates as friends,
no kissing I’d rather hoop –Snap