To the clueless and scared, hello.
People all around, classmates kissing,
stealing off doing secret things
claiming cool as if elections to the seat
were won, you lost, get in line
“follow me.”

Smoke something, a clove, a cig,
a joint even!

Drink something, a beer, Mom and
Dad’s liquor cabinet steal in,
impress the girl you like by messing
up, breaking rules and law.  Go crazy.

The swirl swirls and you happen to
be a late bloomer, are smaller than
the others, scream inside to hide
the pain without, you look up
at life and find it’s not exactly
what you want or like.  But you
have your moments, and are assured
by rewards and confirmed sideways
glances at siblings and friends and family
that you are in the right place.

You could be wrong.

Horror movies, roller coasters, it’s
okay not to like them.  Beer does
taste weird, alcohol is disgusting.
Cigarettes and all smoking is bad
for you, walk away, the secret “cool
club” is insecure, needing your
admiration and envy to be cool.
Step away and be you…

What is “you?”

You may not know yet, but ask
anyway, the question over and
over again, “what do you want to
be?”  Who and what, how and
with whom, decide and make it happen.

Funny, the alcoholic cannot do this,
and here enters the great collaboration
with higher power, spirituality
and asking and receiving.

We can want all we want, and strive,
but still need good weather.

Appeal to a power greater.  Afraid
you will be a virgin all your short life?

I was one until thirty-three years of age,
a tweaked and sick person, incapable
of being honest until I found a group
of people worthy of my trust.

Betty Ford was not just a president’s
wife, recovery is not just for the
starring addict but for the entire
“family.”  “Those who do the will
of God…”

How do you know what is the will of
God?  It’s what happens.

Ask Ramis, maker of movies, Shirley
Temple the same.  Names in the sand,
written glory Longfellow Frost and
Shakespeare having a beer before
seeing the light of what we have here.

Dispelled fear, unrelenting honesty
and truth galvanizing and gouging
holes in the pie of expectation and
peer pressure!!

Stop, breathe, accept yourself in
your worst lonely truth.