“Cuddling with Dogs”

There is a place only in the past
remembered in blue and red, sand
a color of off-white, Hov and Dodd,
Frohoff, Jon Stephenson, Hanley,
Vrebalovich, Karch would visit but
this was the southbay.

Orange Court from fields green, recalling
my days of little league; three strikes you’re
out three times in a row my first try against
Kevin Costello, fast big and left handed.

Allendale served as field and bed, I’d
return years after playing to remember.
Homeless I wrote and considered what
it was and what it is,

What it could be waves to the shore,
La Jolla Shores to be exact, soul-
surfing by myself.

Taylor and Stephen took me out at
first light to Malibu. Lent me a 5’4”
and I got up. They might have been
happier than me about it. Came full
circle dropping in on overhead waves
in Oceanside a year or two later.

Then I broke Taylor’s board and headed
for the sand to play more volleyball.

Surfing USA was not a song by Britney,
she wrote few songs but sung ones like
“Not Yet a Woman” and “I’m a Slave 4 U.”

Nice that she wanted to serve, very

“The Tao of Britney” is a book not yet
written and probably for good reason.

Years ago I was caught in a 4-year
Revolution, make it five… Motel-ing
it without credit.

Cuddling with dogs, the face of
dreams getting weepy by the fire
yesterday burns.

Today was a victory