Sober Markets

I just want to change the world.

There are a lot of ways to do that, but one sure one is to BEAT THE CURRENT SUPERMARKET/GROCERY STORE BUSINESS PLAN BY:

Selling Dynamic, fun, kid-friendly Products with a long-term benefit to society IN THE PLACE OF ALCOHOL SOLD AS “BEVERAGE.”

My own personal sobriety has helped me see the light:

That alcohol as beverage is a Poor product for both seller and buyer. There are short term gains from its sale, but far more long term Pains, from security problems, litter in lots to crime, heart/liver disease, death and divorce.


Possible replacement products to alcohol and its sale:  Used, New/Rare Books, Music, Clothing, Toys, Technology–the atmosphere created will be Disneyland-like, and children will hound their parents all of a sudden–to take them to SOBER MARKETS!!!!!!!