Sidewalk Standard Initiative


(sidewalk-standard-initiative — pdf)

—By Bill Watkins
Mayor Hopeful

No child walks through trash to go to school. Caring for our city’s neglected areas, securing against crime.

Sidewalk Standard Initiative


To Help Homeless, formerly homeless to maintain City Sidewalks.

1. Sidewalk Security
2. Sidewalk Cleanliness

To raise the Standard in forgotten areas of our cities, so that “City standards” are created and made uniform, to:

Comply with Codes, Encourage Lawful Behavior,


Misdemeanor Infractions such as Littering (CA Penal Code 374), Riding a Bike on a Sidewalk recklessly or any time a suitable bike lane is present on the street.


Open Container alcohol infractions, smaller misdemeanors not caught by current police forces confined to cars, and beholden to “calls” toward bigger crimes.



Pedestrian Street Cleaner jobs must be created and funded.

Sidewalk Security and/or “Community Helper” positions must be created and funded.

The result being:

Safer, Cleaner Sidewalks CITY-WIDE. No area gets forgotten, no area neglected—trash cans out to where we need them, warnings then citations to belligerent offenders who litter.

Let’s Clean Up our Cities, one sidewalk at a time, putting special attention around schools. Show our children we value LAW and keeping our home clean!!!

Students should never walk through trash, or become a part of the culture of Littering.

—Bill Watkins, 323-333-6005
Formerly Homeless, Alcoholic, 14 Years Sober and Clean, Law Student, Writer, Mayor Candidate

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