Sober Acting Troop

Sober Acting Troop—Livingston, MT:

1. Acting/Theater
2. Music
3. Comedy

Education, and straight talk truth about the evils and problems with alcohol and drugs of all kinds, is a great place to start, when trying to fight for a an alcohol and drug-free World!


Next, though…

Go further. Step Two in A.A. is “coming to believe in a Power greater than yourself” that can heal the addict and restore him or her to sanity.

What can be more sane than Loving life through poetry, paintings, music, comedy, and theater!!


SAT will direct our artistic urges to educate on alcohol and drug addiction, the cleverness of diabolical marketing of dangerous drugs.

We’re a team of artistic go-getters, composing, dreaming and performing into the hearts of young and old—to not just educate, but Inspire folks out of the darkness of despair, and into the light of….

You Guys know!!!! A Sober, drug-free World!!!


Turning the corner—
A light shines.
It must be bright enough
to Lure the sick to fight.
We dream to open our
doors, perform, and let
our dreams merge…

A platform for launching;
some need a second life.
To the downtrodden we humbly
invite you in… LET’S GO!!!!!!!

SAT1Bill Watkins, Founder 406-210-3671


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