Prayer for Los Angeles


Shine your light down to clean
our thoughts and actions, so that
this stretch of land most call
“Los Angeles” may reflect goodness
and love, efficiency and other pleasing
elements to You.

Give us the wisdom to make good
decisions on our budget.

Enlighten us with the proper attitude
of service, so that we may be humble
in our approach to infrastructure
and security.

Help us most of all, to think of others
above ourselves, TO TAKE LESS MONEY
when leaders, so that MORE MONEY
can be spent on the city itself.

Give us clarity to see the unethical
corruption that is “Private Campaign
Spending,” and brighten the path
out of this corruption into the clean
street of publically-funded elections
and campaign websites.

Humble us, God, out of our suits and
displays of wealth in the face of so
many poor—inject our leaders with
realism over salesmanship, honesty
over pitch.

And, finally, grant us all jobs here,
for as You well know, the filth,
trash and crime are blessings in
disguise—there as opportunities to
collaborate for a truly wise budget,
one that makes L.A. nice today,
cared for, and one that SETS A

Grant us strength to set and protect that
standard, LORD, so that You will
be pleased, the native American proud,
and the animals in nature eager to return
and thrive next to us.

Love us down from the angry pollution
of police and news helicopters, warfare and
“hitting back” to establish caring, effective
foot patrols.

Guns and weapons have no place, nor
shall they be gloried under your watchful
eyes. “Rough winds do shake the darling
buds of May,” but after every wind
we thank you for the windswept, beautiful
blue sky.

Grant us strength TO CLEAN AND