Poly Alumni in Recovery (PAIR)


To meet, support each other, and from a unified place of strength make ourselves available to help the Poly community and others recover from addiction and related health problems.


Once a month, to be determined time, the place either on or outside the Poly campus depending on the school’s cooperation, assistance or lack there of.


Statement of Membership:

We, who have attended Polytechnic School, battled
the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction—
and are currently in a process to recover—

Have hereby decided to turn our weakness into strength,
To become now and forever available to help the next
confused child, adult, student, teacher, alum, administrator
or anyone else to overcome such confusion, choose health,
and walk with us in unity and spirit.

We believe in a loving Power greater than ourselves,
We believe in supplicating to greater powers,
We believe that human beings are fallible and
prone to mistake, but with honesty, acceptance
and proper action—

“No situation is too difficult to be bettered and
no unhappiness too great to be lessened.” (Al-Anon)

We are an open fellowship of people interested
in helping the Poly Community and others, through
our combined honesty and strength. We admit truth
to begin to recover, spread the recovery to achieve
a spiritual rush that leads to peace of mind.

All faiths, views and beliefs are welcome, from
12-step groups to religion, but our common purpose
is to help others overcome addiction and related
health problems.

We do this through open sharing in a safe
non-judgmental environment, prayer to
open-ended gender neutral higher powers,
so that all who join may feel comfortable
that recovery supersedes specific names,
paths, and titles.

That our feelings are valid, whatever creed
has led to peace and personal recovery.

Bill Watkins ‘90
3920 Hawley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90032