Low-Noise Gardening

Me in Garden -- Cropped

Tired of polluting the environment to un-pollute your… environment?

The vroom, vroom, pow-pow of trucks yielding men yielding blowers (usually illegal in California, if gas-powered) yielding noise, yielding… Hey, I admit those guys clean and maintain gardens okay, but… NOISY! And…

**********I’M CHEAPER!!!!!!! Introducing my Walking Garden Service, call me the “Traveling Poet” gardener in love with life, love, sobriety, words, and… The serene, useful experience of fixing and maintaining your yard and/or property. Whoops, I’ve got to do mine right now! (Get your own house in order…) God bless you, and let’s: Quietly, respectfully clean up L.A. together.

Bill Watkins, Traveling Poet