CD-14 Race 2020

Me and Yodi

I plan to run for a City Council post, District 14 in Los Angeles, California.  Not in a suit, not to get rich, but to serve.  I’m accepting input and volunteer help for a clean, no-money campaign to win a council seat.  With the post, I would seek a drastic change, reduce my salary by more than a half, scrutinize our budget for waste and bureaucratic kickback, clean up elections by pushing for publicly funded campaigns, sending a message across the country and globe once successful, that service over self-interest is back.

Pedestrian cleaning will offer the homeless jobs to create a healthy standard, right of ways will be respected, tents not allowed within city limits.  Pedestrian security will replace lethal, loud and abusive paramilitary approaches, and children shall be taught from a young age, civics and Law.

Bill Watkins for CD-14


Campaign 2020 -- 5

Bill Watkins Bio:

Occupation: Writer/Activist
Education: UC Santa Barbara ’94
BA, Latin American and Iberian Studies
Phi Beta Kappa, High Honors, Dean’s List,
Big West Scholar Athlete, Junior Olympic Gold Medal
Languages: English, Spanish semi-fluent
Resident of Rose Hills community since 2010

I grew up in the Pasadena area, was misled to thinking school and college was everything.  I had a spiritual awakening in 1995, a political awakening in 2014, and have been politically active in Los Angeles since 2013, when illegal fireworks bothered me enough to make me want to find a meeting.

Campaign 2020 -- 3

Part of my activism in this city has been to clean drains, sidewalks and gutters by hand and on foot!  We need to break out of our automobile addiction and walk, if we want this city to be a healthy one.  Step one now for me: make District 14 nice!!!

To that end I pledge to give $120,000 of the exorbitant $178,000 councilman salary back to District 14 communities, most-likely in the form of all purpose pedestrian cleaners/security guards/district reps deployed every day to five major areas: Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Eagle Rock, Downtown, and a rover for Hillside Village, Rose Hills, University Hills, Hermon.

I am not an expert on the district map yet, but plan to be very soon… 👍👍👍

Campaign 2020 -- 1

We’ve got to pick up our mess.

Campaign 2020 -- 4

We can do this!!!  Comment or call 323-573-0460 to volunteer… Or find me on Twitter, @Watkins4LA

Volunteer Benefits:

Peace of Mind is life’s highest currency. Achieve it working next to me cleaning up our district and city. In November, we will add signature posts to get Bill Watkins on the ballot, and should we win in March/November of 2020, paid positions will open up for anyone dedicated to service.