CA Citizenship Test

Citizenship Test Requirement Bill – 2016
(PDF: new-citizenship-requirement-ca-2016-watkins-proposal)


Propose: Mandatory Law and Civics Education for All California Residents, courses available through public school system, Adult education for new residents.


Reading, writing, and math go only so far. Especially when we suffer the bombs of illegal fireworks every year in my area, graffiti, rampant littering of small and large items on the streets and sidewalks.

We currently prepare students only for “College…”


…when it is LIFE we should prepare them to conquer. Life prep, not college prep, with a mandatory life studies/law/civics course as a requirement for Citizenship in this state.

No H.S. diploma should be handed out to anyone who does not believe in and obey the LAW.

CPC, Municipal Code of region, VC for driving.

Emphasis on immigration and “who is residing here” will move from ethnicity or country of origin to:

“You want to be here? Fine, study for and take this test, we have to be sure you believe in obeying the law, know the laws, and can adequately participate in life in this state…”

Each city or municipality can offer their own sections to a standard state citizenship test.

4. COST.

This is win-win spending to improve our state.

If education funds lacking, we make them through standard alcohol and tobacco tax. Recall that it is cigarette butts and beer bottles that too often litter our streets in this state.

Feed two birds with one nut, by taxing social alcohol and tobacco use, to pump into Education—in this case a new citizenship requirement.

(**Other areas to tax: Safe and Sane Firework sales, assault weapon sales – also messy businesses, at times)


Education Groups, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Rethinking Alcohol and Drugs (RAD) in Pasadena, DAY-ONE Pasadena

Green groups against Littering, LAPD, Sheriff Department, Port Authority, CHP, Legal outlets across the state, Fire Departments state-wide tired of the gamble on safety made with every illegal firework shot off in June/July.


Republican Caucus ———————————————- __?_____ _______

Department of Finance —————————————– __?_____ _______

Key Legislators (Policy/Fiscal Committee Chairs, Etc.)

Governor Brown’s Office, Department of Education, Department of Justice, United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)


**High Time we got pro-active with immigrant population, and since the public schools are already reaching out to CA kids, let’s finally take advantage of that to improve our state.

1. Education gets a boost.
2. Along with infrastructure improvements (another needed bill funded by decreasing lethal weapons programs with law enforcement and military, curb pentagon and defense budgets to take care of OUR country, not paranoid foreign involvement), we pave the way to an elevated, enlightened citizenry on the same page to Help, not hurt this state by obeying and knowing the laws of it.
3. Common Sense says: think before we do, consider law, consider others. A mandatory education and/or testing program for citizens guarantees a THOUGHT is made to improving this state instead of just “living in it” at any cost—even if by illegal means.


This is win-win, no losers.

Re: the taxes, though, we must have the stamina to overcome the powerful alcohol, tobacco and firearms lobbies.

It’s a fight for our state’s well-being, so it is worth the struggle.


1. Leave me alone; I don’t want a goody-two-shoes bill that gets in the way of my “freedom.”
2. Freedom is: drink beer, set off fireworks, own and shoot guns according to second amendment, and F U if you get in the way of that.
3. Immigrants will holler too: “Leave us alone,” “We’re blending in fine… It’s only fireworks and littering, what’s the big deal??!!”


I don’t need a report to tell me that a community in L.A. like mine, that shoots off major bomb-like illegal fireworks at a rate of one per second on July 4th, bothering neighbors all throughout June (sometimes April and May, August and always December 31)—

Needs a lesson in Civics.

LAUSD here has dropped the ball. The Department of Education in Sacramento puts out their “Common Core” but we NEED MORE!!! We need LIFE prep, not college prep, need to help our law enforcement agencies who are powerless against the numbers doing wrong, especially here in L.A. on and the months around July 4th.


Bill Watkins